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My Intolerance

Roanoke TimesFor the umpteenth time, a recent commentary in the local paper bemoaned the “liberal civility, compassion and wonderful diversity” of our intolerance of modern conservatism. He was right. We have not, we do not and we will not listen to, nor celebrate, the voices of intolerance and division. It is a fault, to be sure. But it is a fault that keeps us from being open to backward, wrongheaded, discriminatory and hateful actions and making bad choices. We celebrated our “win” by moving on. Too bad the right cannot accept their loss and do the same.

The good news is, that unlike staunch right-wing conservatives, we are not rigid in the rest of our thinking; therefore we do listen to and celebrate the voices of tolerance, diversity, innovation, and progress.

We do not believe that retaining “well-educated, technically talented immigrants and foreigners” is served by our -long overdue for an overhaul- immigration laws. It is beyond sad that such a sensible idea means “our schools do not educate enough of these technically competent people” to some. Sadder still that they believe the “millions of unemployed here” have anything at all to do with that. Maybe it is the conservatives who should muster some “compassion for the struggling for years to find work in a prolongedNot even close bad economy” and stop wanting to cut off aid and support to them?

Why is it that so many conservatives bemoan the “convoluted, massive growth in business regulations that contribute to the problem” but never back that up with what those regulations are and the facts and numbers to prove their point? Business says they don’t like regulations, especially those who get caught breaking them, but where is there ANY proof it means that is the reason they do not hire workers? “Sometimes the rhetoric” of blaming liberals and insulting “job councils that meet infrequently” looks just like sour grapes with a side of no better idea.

A perfect example of the right-wing intolerance and wrong-headed ideas is that of liberals “scolded Israel about a possible unilateral attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities” out of concern “about the impact of such an attack on President Obama’s re-election campaign”. Granted, the beginning of WWIII would have had an “impact” on the re-election of President Obama (arguably a landslide), but NO ONE can argue intelligently that the US has not suffered for our “the U.S. has your back” policy toward “Israel: an ungrateful ally,” and this attempt was no exception. It is proven, beyond real doubt, “that our long-standing ally is not only ungrateful, but also a “parasite.” A parasite weakens and drains the host. Our position in the volatile Middle East is weakened and ridiculed in the Middle East because we back Israel no matter what they do and if we do not have money for the unemployed, how do we have the money for Israel year after year after year?

Oddly enough, we have walked in Israel’s “shoes” for decades before criticizing. Yes “it’s true many liberals agree with the professor”, some did attempt to remove “we recognize Jerusalem is the capital of Israel” from our Democratic Platform because we do not feel that is our call to make. It is worth noting that at our national convention that support for Israel at the expense of Palestine was also put back in. Not of course to Mr. Unger, who only wants to consider what he thinks is the dark side of Democrats.

It is beyond doubt that “liberals have been strong advocates for education spending”, among other priorities that the conservatives have fought long and hard and still do. Actually there are quite a few countries who still spend more than we do on education. What “test scores” and outcomes show is that the blood feud between liberals and conservatives over our education system has resulted in a political football that does not achieve the best results. Instead of seeing that as a need to let the educators educate, the pols just want to continue the fight. That backwards thinking again.

Why conservatives ALWAYS blame the workers and then pretend to care about them remains a mystery to me. Will workers ever catch on? Do they believe every worker in our nation’s schools is a dastardly union member fighting against success that would boost their salary? (a truly brilliant strategy so far) To say that liberals or unions “defeating attempts to send minority children to better private and charter schools” is even part of the equation is beyond the pale, and yet he goes there as if it was established fact. Did I mention wrong-headed thinking?

In a diatribe against a review and relevance of the movie Lincoln, angry white men and everybody else By Michael Abraham this maligned conservative decides that the angry white man of bumper sticker and gas guzzler fame needs that truck for work, which to me begs the question, who offends customers if they “need” work? Does such a person ONLY work for fellow right-wing Christians and conservatives? Is this the new Civil War? Do those besides “far-right, redneck hillbilly” (his words, not mine) types display such stickers? Why the need to insult Chevy green cars after defending gas-guzzlers? Sounded like an intolerant rant to me.

Thanks for the laugh. “George Will” and “prescient” in the same sentence! But you do explain, as he did, the true disconnect. You all really believe that your backwards, discriminatory, bigoted, anti-progress agenda is to be respected don’t you? That is the crux of the right-wing gripe. You and your thinking: anti-union, anti-climate change, anti-science, anti-education, anti-teachers, anti-public workers with spines, anti-regulation, anti-evolution, anti-liberal, anti-any religion but yours commands respect. You think we must respect it and invite it to every table to be presented and treated as worthwhile, because it is what you think. No thank you. The diversity of our “echo chambers” suits us just fine.


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  1. That is not what I meant to say at all. The writer of the commentary on liberal intolerance was the one taking the movie reviewer to task, not me. I agreed with the review.

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